We have reached the end of another Tax year, and so we reset and start over after this bank holiday.

I ended the Tax Year with some really positive and generous offers of support and sponsorship from some of our long standing clients.  This support is both for my upcoming GB Age group European Championship Middle distance race set for 27th June 2021 (exactly 11 weeks to go) and the monstrous event of the Goodwood 225 to be held on August 8th 2021.

A massive thank you to Acronyms Limited, John Davies Financial, Colebrook Transporters and Atlantis Care Limited.

The Goodwood event is one never attempted before and I am using it to raise funds for The Bowel Cancer West Charity.


Training continues to be steady and consistent thankfully.  You may find I am missing from the office on Wednesday mornings for the next few months as I have made some room for some extra training until these events are complete so I can give myself the best chance of completing in a good condition.

I appreciate any support of donations to the charity or if anyone wants to get involved in sponsoring.

In the meantime, happy new Tax Year everyone.