Are you aware that your innovative projects could qualify for substantial tax savings? As an accountant, we
wanted to introduce you to our R&D tax relief consultancy partner, Queen’s Lane Consultants. We
understand some of our clients have claimed before and are well aware of the benefits, however please

What is R&D Tax Relief?

R&D tax relief is a government incentive designed to reward companies investing in research and
development. This can result in significant reductions in your corporation tax bill, or a cash credit if you are

Who Can Claim?

Any UK limited company investing in technical innovation, regardless of size or sector, can claim R&D tax
relief. If you’re developing new products, processes, or services—or enhancing existing ones—you might
be eligible.

What Projects Qualify?

Projects that aim to overcome scientific or technological uncertainties qualify. This includes:

– Developing new products or processes
– Improving existing products or processes
– Encountering challenges that are not easily solvable by an expert in the field

Each year, around 18,000 companies claim R&D tax relief for the first time, with average claim sizes
of £57,330.

If you’re claiming for the first time, you can do so for the past 2 years of expenses.

If your business is creating new products, processes or services, or improves existing products,
processes or services, you could be eligible.

The Queen’s Lane specialists will work with you to identify the relevant spend.

Why Choose Queens Lane Consultants?

Their team of experts specialises in identifying and maximising your R&D tax relief claims, ensuring you get the most benefit from your innovative efforts. They also have a client portal that makes it super easy for you to claim, you can check it out here.

Unlock the potential savings and reinvest in your growth. Contact Katy today to find out how they can help you claim what you’re entitled to.

Call Katy Lane on 020 8062 6837 or email to get started.

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