It may sound silly coming from an accountant, but while we are paid to try and ensure that we help to keep our clients businesses and personal tax affairs in a healthy state. It goes without saying that one of my best bits of advice for any of my clients, is to ensure you maintain the same importance to your personal health.

To perform well in business, you need to keep yourself in good condition, in fact, the best condition you possibly can. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning,cycling

Many people reading this will be saying “I don’t have the time to exercise”. I would suggest, you can’t afford not to find the time.   You serve yourself, your clients, your business and your employees better when you’re in a good state physically.

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs or world leaders confess to the importance they put on physical exercise. They see it as an investment of time in their days and their careers.  Even if you only get a short routine in, it’s better than nothing. Make yourself do it, every day, and you will always feel better than if you hadn’t made the effort.

You should treat exercise as non-negotiable. Schedule it in your diary and stick to that commitment of time. Whether you get a trainer to make sure you don’t miss a session or you forgo a business lunch to get some time in the pool or the gym, treat your exercise appointments with the same respect as you would any other important meeting.

And my final tip is a simple one but it’s the single most powerful thing you can do to fit exercise into your day – get up earlier, at least an hour in the morning to exercise before the working day begins. Making this change absolutely transformed my productivity and my fitness levels and I’d recommend it to anyone.

You can even put a financial slant on this. That business life insurance policy you have on yourself, the premiums will come down when you prove you look after yourself.

I would love to hear from anyone who thinks they wo
uld like a healthier business and I am happy to chat on the personal health side to.

A Merry Christmas to all our clients and readers from John & Angela Best and the whole team at Best Accountancy, and a healthy New Year.