Training has continued to go very well indeed over the past few months even with Christmas and the New Year in between. With far too many tempting calories on offer, I have been pretty strict and only added a 1lb over the holidays.

tri the beast bikeSome of you may have been aware that I have had some
issues with my neck with pins and needles/ numbness in my left arm for the past 12-18 months.  Following eventually having an MRI scan of the neck, it has been confirmed I have a problem with a growth in my vertebrae C6/C7 and this is pinching my spinal cord causing the numbness.

I have had a dilemma to have an operation to remove it as soon as possible and therefore halt the training for a while or wait until after the Ironman event in July.

I have decided to go for the operation on the 1st of February 2016 straight after the January Tax return deadline.  The problem was not getting any better on its own and the thought of riding a bike for 7 hours over 112 miles with a neck ache  and no feeling in my arm just seemed worse than a few weeks off training.

Thanks you to those who have donated on my just giving page already, I am hoping to shout about this a whole lot more nearer the event date and raise lots of needed funds for a super charity.  Thank you all clients and staff included for your support.