Sometimes in my job I come across businesses which are shall we say struggling.  They may have been running for many years but they are just not doing perhaps as well as they used to.  I get invited in to try to assist with reviewing the business and its financial activities in an attempt to find a way to improve the fortunes both of the business and ultimately its owners.

However, what I do find often, is a resistance to make changes.   To be fair I have this within my own business from time to time.

You see new things are often uncomfortable and take time to become comfortable.  We have to be prepared to get out of our comfort zone and also be prepared to pay the costs of making those changes.

However, if you have faith in the changes you make and the positive results of those changes.  If you have the courage to change things, you will find the rewards will come to you.

I have had clients in the past who have unfortunately gone under especially during the recession.  They have had the courage to start again, however they have followed the exact same patterns and procedures as before and this makes you question. Why should you have a better outcome than you did previously?  If you change nothing surely the results will ultimately be the same and it will fail.

This is why it is important to try to find that time to analyse your business and your strategy and structure and when you find things that really work, do more of that. When you find parts that cause you problems, or slow you down or cost you more than it should, these should be changed for something better.  Don’t just carry on because it is comfortable or because you have always done it that way.

We are all on our personal and business journeys and we have to travel different paths and sometimes a difficult path will lead you to greater rewards.  You have to be committed. If you have a dream for your business or a goal, never give up on it, but do not be afraid to make some changes to get closer to it.

Finally, speaking of changes, we are proud to announce the newest addition to our Team Rhys Rollitt who is studying for his AAT qualification and will be assisting in our accounts and bookkeeping department as well as producing payroll for our clients.  We thought we would embarrass him by putting him in the paper sporting our latest corporate winter garment!!