Your Company – In or Out?

We have a big decision coming up, as a country on whether to say in Europe or go our own way.

In many ways since the last two budgets of March ad July, many company directors should be considering a sim
ilar thing.  Whether to remain operating their businesses as a
company or disincorporation and returning to Sole […]

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Lend money to your company tax efficiently

You personally borrowed money to provide extra working capital for your company. It’s going to reimburse you, but if it’s not done the right way it will result in a tax and NI bill. How can you turn this potential tax trap to your advantage?

Funding your business

Businesses need cash for any number of reasons, such […]

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Using your home for business and capital gains tax

You’ve converted a room in your house into a study so that you can work at home more often. A colleague tells you that this can mean that you’ll lose some of the capital gains tax relief that usually applies to homes. Is he right?

Working from home

As the owner manager of a business working at […]

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