Who runs your business? You or your Chimp?

I have been reading a fascinating book over the last couple of weeks which is called “The Chimp Paradox”.  I had some time on my hands due to undergoing an operation on my neck two weeks ago, which is a whole other story.  Anyway, this fascinating book has been used by a great many successful […]

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Turning pension contributions into tax-free income

If you have money to invest you could go for one of the government’s tax-advantaged schemes like ISAs. These have proved popular, but could the changes to scheme rules make a pension a better home for your cash?

Tax-advantaged investments

Tax-advantaged investments come in all shapes and sizes. Some offer tail-end tax benefits, e.g. ISAs, i.e. there’s […]

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When can HMRC refuse a deduction?

You’re having your offices repainted and the decorator has asked to be paid in cash. You would prefer not to, but as he comes highly recommended and is cheap you’ve agreed to go along with it. Will this cause trouble with the Taxman?

Self-assessment and record keeping

When self-assessment was introduced in 1996 it came with new […]

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