Need a crystal ball?


We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have the next best thing.

At Best Accountancy, we have at last found a cash flow creating system which is super simple to use and can build up to a 3 year cash flow quickly and be presentable to all stakeholders in the business.

Multiple layers of scenarios […]

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Too good to be true?

For a number of years now, as a practice, we have been spouting on about the merits of something called EIS/VCT investments for saving Tax.  However it seems that no matter how much we promote these as fantastic options to potentially reduce client’s tax liabilities they are just not taken up as frequent as perhaps they […]

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Should you be paying yourself extra dividends now?

Another very important question you should be asking yourself.  With the changes coming for the rate of tax on dividends, a review of your strategy is a must.  The team at Best accountancy can advise on your current remuneration and help to plan the best course of action to take sooner rather than later.  You […]

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